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Cajun Computer Upgrades Policy

Over the last 15 years Cajun Computer Upgrades has constructed, sold and repaired hundreds of computers. From simple home computers to business networks with many computers. We have installed and serviced them all.
We know you have a large investment in your computer, that's why we treat every computer in your home or business as if it was our own. Each computer is handled with care and respect.
Data security comes first
Your personal and business files are safe with us. We never read copy or divulged any of our client’s information. With clients like Banks, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Doctors, Psychiatrists, CPA's, Lawyers and just plain folks, we NEVER pry into their affairs.
         And that’s a Fact! 

  Confidentiality is a Promise

Most computers have irreplaceable data stored on their hard disk drives. We do everything in our power to insure the integrity of your data.

Data or program loss can happen due to equipment failure or other reasons out of our control.

There for, Cajun Computer Upgrades assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any or all data or software in your computer.

      We always recommend you keep 
of all your valuable data
We keep you informed
If during our computer analysis, we discover problems that were not apparent we will let you know .
Occasionally, during the computer analysis, we uncover problems that require more extensive work and/or parts than originally thought.
            We will always keep
           you informed!

     Nothing but the best
We use only the highest quality repair parts for all of our service work.
Our repair components are generally of a higher quality than the original parts used when your computer was originally constructed.
           You can rest assured

Your computer will be serviced by the most competent and proficient professionals available.
Once you become our client, you can always call us for help on any computer related proble question.

End of policy statement